Sanjay Shah, the chief executive of the US-based software firm Vistex, died after sustaining serious injuries in an accident, while another official remained critical during the company’s silver jubilee celebrations at Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad on Thursday.

Sanjay Shah, the CEO of the US-based software firm Vistex had fatal fall.(LinkedIn)

During Vistex’s silver jubilee celebration, Sanjay Shah and the firm’s president Raju Datla were in an iron cage meant to be lowered. However, a wire snapped, causing both to fall over 15 feet onto the concrete dais, claiming the life of Shah and leaving Datla with multiple injuries.

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Vistex is an Illinois-based firm specialising in revenue management solutions and services. With 20 global offices and more than 2,000 employees, the company serves leading brands such as GM, Barilla, and Bayer.

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Who is Sanjay Shah?

• According to Vistex website, Sanjay Shah was the founder, CEO, and chief architect of Vistex.

• Originally from Mumbai, Sanjay Shah was a tech entrepreneur who played a pivotal role in leading Vistex to become a prominent player in the industry.

• Shah studied at Lehigh University, where he founded the Vistex Institute for Executive Learning and Research.

• Under Shah’s leadership, Vistex underwent significant growth and dedicated itself to transforming how businesses operate in bringing products and services to market.

• Shah was also active in philanthropy through the establishment of the Vistex Foundation which provides grants to nonprofits focusing on health, education, and basic needs.

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Who is Raju Datla?

• Raju Datla, president of Vistex, has been with the firm since 2000

• Datla has played a key role in shaping and expanding the firm’s Solution Delivery capabilities, according to the company’s website.

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