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Ojas Eye Hospital to offer ELITA SILK, introducing cutting-edge vision correction in Mumbai



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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], January 11: Ojas Eye Hospital, recognized as a pioneer in advanced eye care, proudly announces the introduction of ELITA SILK, the latest in laser vision correction technology, at its flagship facility in Bandra. As the first eye hospital in Western India to adopt this groundbreaking procedure, Ojas Eye Hospital continues its tradition of providing superior eye care since 1987. It has also recently been awarded and recognized as ‘The Best Healthcare Brands – 2023’ from Economic Times. ELITA SILK by Johnson & Johnson Vision, USA is a groundbreaking advancement in vision correction, permanently removing refractive error in the eyes through a flap-less, blade-less and completely safe and quick process.

SILK, which stands for Smooth Incision Lenticule Keratomileusis, is a ‘flap-less’ and ‘blade-less’ procedure introduced by Johnson & Johnson Vision, USA where an ultra-precise laser – the ELITA Femtosecond laser is used to correct high power prescription through a quick and minimally invasive process. The advancement of the ELITA laser technology versus its predecessors in lenticule extraction enables patients to recover within just one day. This swift recuperation and next-day result significantly reduces down time for patients, making it a very safe and convenient option for removal of prescription power.

Dr Niteen Dedhia, Chief Medical Director of Ojas Eye Hospital was invited by Johnson & Johnson Vision to the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) Annual Meeting in San Diego in May 2023 where he had hands on experience with the machine before its commercial launch.

Commenting on the launch of the ELITA SILK Surgery at Ojas Eye Hospital Mumbai in December 2023, Dr Niteen Dedhia said, “We have always been at the forefront of investing in the latest and most advanced technological solutions in eye care to provide our patients with superior eye care treatment. In 2012, we brought the first blade-less LASIK treatment in Western India through the Intralase Femtosecond laser, and in 2018 Ojas Eye Hospital was the first to bring the Contoura Femtosecond laser in Western India. We are now excited to bring the most technologically advanced laser, the ELITA laser to our flagship center in Bandra, Mumbai. We are committed to providing all our patients with the best-in-class eye care. With ELITA SILK Laser eye surgery technology, we will provide our patients complete freedom from glasses, with significantly faster recovery times, offering exceptional vision correction with reduced downtime for patients.”

According to Johnson & Johnson Vision, the blending of cutting-edge technologies in ELITA SILK surgery allows surgeons to perform the SILK procedure with superior control and precisely yield next-day results for patients. Johnson & Johnson Vision described additional benefits of the refractive surgery tool, including:

* Ultra-Precise Pulse: Delivering better quality treatment of the corneal tissue.

* Ultra-Fast Delivery System: Enables contiguous placement of laser pulses for exceptionally smooth tissue surface.

* Sub-Micron Digital-Encoder Controlled Scanning System: Allows a high-degree of pulse placement and superior optical performance across the entire treatment area.

* Industry-first biconvex lenticule: Designed for better quality of vision. Reduces cutting of corneal nerves and provides fast regeneration for a healthy ocular surface.

The average cost of Silk Eye surgery in India can usually range between INR 120,000 to INR 140,000 for both eyes. It is important to note that this estimate may vary depending on individual needs.

To know more about this advanced procedure, you can visit Ojas Eye Hospital website at To book a consultation appointment with them, you can call on 919137462795 / 022 61549999

Media Contacts:

Dr. Niteen Dedhia | 919137462795 / 022 61549999 | [email protected]


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