Gold, silver prices on January 16: The gold and silver prices in the national capital, as well as several major metro cities, remained unchanged on Tuesday. The prices did not show any rise or fall, with a marginal change witnessed on Monday, January 15.

Gold and silver prices remained unchanged on January 16.(HT File Photo)

The gold and silver prices have remained volatile since the start of the new year, showing significant rise and falls over the last two weeks. However, on January 16, the gold prices remained stable at 6359 per gram for 24 karat gold.

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Similar to the gold prices, the silver prices also remained unchanged on Tuesday, fixed at 76.80 per gram.

The last significant change in the gold prices was witnessed on January 13, when the price for 24K gold per 10 gram was up by nearly 400. On January 12, the gold prices had dropped by Ra 1000, while silver rates showed marginal changes.

For one gram of 24K of the yellow metal on January 16, buyers must pay 6359 (one gram), 50,872 (eight gram), 63,590 (10 gram) and 6,35,900 (100 gram). Here are the city-wise rates for gold today.

Gold prices on January 16: Check city-wise rates

City 22K Gold price (per 10 gram) 24K Gold price (per 10 gram)
Delhi 58,300 63,590
Mumbai 58,150 63,440
Bengaluru 58,150 63,440
Kolkata 58,150 63,440
Chennai 58,700 64,040

It must be noted, however, that the daily rates mentioned above do not take into account GST, TCS, and other levies; this, therefore, means that these are only indicative. Only a local jeweller can give you the exact price for that day.

Silver prices on January 16: Check city-wise rates

Not just gold, but silver prices across Delhi and other cities also remained unchanged today, fixed at 76.80 per gram. The last significant change in the silver price was on December 30, when rates were down by 1.20.

City Silver price (per 10 grams
Delhi 768
Mumbai 768
Bengaluru 740
Kolkata 768
Chennai 783

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