Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday announced that the Centre will present a white paper on the economic performance of the last 10 years compared with the previous 10 years.

“The government has got the trust, confidence and blessings of the people based on its exemplary track record of GDP that is Governance, development and performance,” the minister said during the press briefing after the presentation of interim budget in Parliament.

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Stating that the government delivered on development and managed economy with ‘correct intentions’, Sitharaman said,”It is an interim budget presented before just the elections. GDP- Governance, development and performance. On governance, this budget speaks from a position where we’ve delivered on development.”

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“We managed the economy with correct intentions, correct policies and correct decisions so it’s governance with care..D stands for people living better, earning better and having high aspirations for the future and if I move to the ‘P’ the performance three consecutive years of 7% growth faster-growing economy in G20 all parts of the country participating in the growth,” she added.

“For the FY 2024-25 budget, we have given the fiscal deficit to 5.1 per cent (of the GDP) which clearly indicates that we are at the right path set in 2021-22 and we are well on track to meet the 4.5 per cent fiscal deficit on or below 4.5 per cent by FY26,” Sitharaman added.

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the Union budget offers the guarantee of ‘strengthening the foundation of a developed India’.

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman addresses the post-Budget press conference, in New Delhi.(PTI)

“This is a budget of creating India’s future,” he said in a televised address, adding that it is a reflection of the young aspirations of a young India.

“This interim budget is inclusive and innovative. It has confidence of continuity. It will empower all 4 pillars of Viksit Bharat- Yuva, Garib, Mahila and Kisan. This Budget gives the guarantee of making India a developed nation by 2047,” the prime minister added.

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