Desk : Bhojpuri cinema actress Trishakar Madhu came into the limelight when a private video of her was leaked on the internet. Let us tell you that in his 22-minute video, people saw him in an intimate state, due to which he got a lot of trouble on social media. After about a month, she has now posted again on social media, in which she is seen dancing to a song. People are very happy to see his dance.

Recently her film Namak Haram has come, in which she is seen doing excellent acting. He himself has confirmed this information to Hindi News 18 media channel. In the dance video which has been put by her, she is seen dancing to the song Housefull. The name of this song is “Do You Know” in this video a different style of Trishakar Madhu is being seen. She is looking very beautiful.

As soon as he uploaded this video, it got 50,000 likes within 1 hour. People are still seen commenting on the video. Trisha Kar Madhu used to dance on most of the songs, but now she is playing the lead role in Namak Haram Picture. People are now trying to search and see them. He has thanked everyone.

She wrote that she knew that no one would support her in bad times. None of the people from whom he had sought help came forward. In times of trouble, non needy people leave together, due to which she said that now I will fight the battle of my life alone. People have created a lot of fake IDs on the internet at this time, due to which they are writing wrong things against the heroine.

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